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Edward’s East Strategies contributes to the development of such professions as GR and ESG-specialist through the elaboration and implementation of educational programs within the key universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Russia. We offer different formats of enhancing the existing skills and obtaining the additional knowledge, incl. the customized programs.


The ESG-transformation advanced training course is based on the principle “practitioners for practitioners”. Among lecturers are industry experts and top managers from a variety of economic sectors. The program is implemented jointly with MGIMO School of Business and International Proficiency.

All the attendees have the opportunity to immerse themselves into the fundamentals of the ESG-approaches’ integration and implementation within the industry-leading companies. The program puts a great emphasis on the specific features of the corporate management, based upon the ESG-principles. As a result, all the attendees acquire the fundamentals and the relevant knowledge cluster in the realm of the ESG-principles’ integration into activities of national and international companies, experience and practices of which are possible to adapt in the context of the specific business processes. Information, regarding the program’s structure and duration, terms and the educational format, is available on the MGIMO School of Business and International Proficiency website.


Advanced training course in GR&Lobbying field is built on the “practice for practitioners” principle. The teaching faculty comprises specialized experts and top managers of companies from various economy sectors and countries. The course has been implemented since 2018 jointly with MGIMO Business School (Russia).

GR&Lobbying has become a prerequisite for business and non-profit sector development. Neither the strategic business objectives implementation, nor long-term investments, nor responsible social projects are possible without mutual understanding with the state. The role of managers responsible for interaction with the state is growing, as are the requirements for their professionalism. The future of most markets is linked to the state actions. Geopolitical adjustments, digital transformation, export-oriented business, international cooperation with neighboring states, increased openness of authorities, increased investment in public-private partnership projects, the state social initiatives development, and more recently, the COVID—19 pandemic – all this is rapidly changing the conjuncture and requires high-precision adjustment of business and the third sector. In difficult conditions, the trust of the state becomes the most valuable capital of commercial companies and NGOs. The demand for GR specialists is increasing every year.

Information about the programs structure and duration, about the training conditions and forms is available on the MGIMO Business School website.


Our firm elaborates and implements the corporate training programs in the field of GR&Lobbying and ESG, which are focused on the clients’ industry specific features. In addition to that, our experts arrange lectures on the political communication and reputation management for politicians and public officials. While elaborating the educational programs, we study the client’s needs and arrange the educational process in a practical manner.

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