Anastasia Tsvetkova became the supervisor of the ESG course at MGIMO | Edward's East Strategies


Anastasia Tsvetkova became the supervisor of the ESG course at MGIMO

From November 13 to 18, 2023, the first stream of the professional training program “Business Management based on ESG principles: from practitioners to practitioners” took place on the basis of the MGIMO Business School, which was held in cooperation with the consulting firm Baikal Communications Group. Edward’s East Strategies partner Anastasia Tsvetkova became the invited supervisor of the program.

Anastasia Tsvetkova was aimed at bringing a practice-oriented format and thematic novelty to the course program. As a result, the course participants learned about effective ESG integration and management tools exclusively from practitioners who are the representatives of leading companies in the sustainable development agenda from such areas as retail, forestry, oil and gas sector, metallurgy, IT, transport, financial sector. The experts shared their experience in detail, revealing the industry specifics of taking into account ESG factors. In terms of the thematic novelty for the course, it was decided to focus on the study of the transformation of the financial sector in the context of the formation of ESG banking in Russia. The request for the financial block of the program was repeatedly heard from potential listeners during its development.

Anastasia Tsvetkova gave her lecture on the course as well. It was devoted to impact investments, measures to support social entrepreneurs and ways of systematic cooperation between business and the non-profit sector in the implementation of projects on changes in the social and environmental spheres.

Registration for the next training stream is open. The training will take place in the spring of 2024.