Eduard Voytenko held the workshop on GR&Lobbying at KAZGUU University | Edward's East Strategies


Eduard Voytenko held the workshop on GR&Lobbying at KAZGUU University

On November 26, 2023, PhD in Political Sciences, CEO of Edward’s East Strategies Eduard Voytenko spoke as an expert in the GR&Lobbying field to the students of the KAZGUU Business School mini MBA program.

During the lecture, Eduard Voytenko spoke about the GR and lobbying regulation in the USA and Europe, as well as about the specifics of the work of professional specialists in the GR&Lobbying field in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Russia.

Special attention at the event was paid to the analysis of real cases from the Edward’s East Strategies practice. During this important part of the workshop, the methods and technologies of lobbying were shown, as well as the classification of internal and external tools for the implementation of GR and lobbying projects in the national (Uzbek, Kazakh and Russian) and supranational (EEC) spaces was made.

Following the results of the workshop, as the gift all participants received the book “Lobbying and GR. Concepts, functions, tools”, written by Eduard Voytenko in co-authorship with Anastasia Parfenchikova, PhD in Law, Director General of the Research Centre for Legal Expertise.

The educational event was held under the auspices of the company’s mission which is to popularize and develop the GR profession in the EAEU countries and Uzbekistan.