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Eduard Voytenko, Anastasia Parfenchikova «Lobbying and GR: concepts, functions, tools»
Lobbying and GR: concepts, functions, tools

On November 19, 2022, the book “Lobbying and GR: concepts, functions, tools”, which is dedicated to the issues of business-state interaction, went on sale. This is a joint educational project of Alpina PRO, Edward’s East Strategies and the Research Centre for Legal Expertise.

Ideas about lobbying are often reduced to stereotypes, and the profession of a lobbyist is covered with myths, even though lobbying is designed to guarantee the representation and protection of the interests of numerous social groups and the business community at various levels of government.

The book offers a practical look at the lobbying technologies use in government decision-making. From the book, the reader will learn:

— the lobbying institute formation history in the world;
— the ways of how lobbying influences democratic processes in society;
— the difference between lobbying and GR and other related professional fields;
— the ways of how the institute of lobbying works in different countries;
— the lobbying tools used by lobbyists and GR specialists;
— the reasons why corruption actually harms lobbying;
— the ways of how government agencies work and how to turn private interest into a state task;
— the scales of lobbying GR services industry in Russia;
— the possibility of lobbying and GR services industry existence, etc.

Eduard Voytenko, PhD candidate in Political Science, CEO of Edward’s East Strategies consulting firm, and Anastasia Parfenchikova, PhD candidate in Law, Director of Legislation and Legal Studies’ Practice at Baikal Communications Group and Director-General of the RCLE, are the authors of the book.

You have the opportunity to read more and order the book on the publishing company website.