Module on GR&Lobbying at Maqsut Narikbayev University | Edward's East Strategies


Module on GR&Lobbying at Maqsut Narikbayev University

On April 20, 2024, PhD, Edward’s East Strategies Director Eduard Voytenko spoke as an expert in the field of GR&Lobbying to the students of the mini MBA program of the Maqsut Narikbayev University Business School.

As part of the educational module, Eduard Voytenko spoke about the regulation of GR and lobbying activities in the USA and Europe, Russia and Central Asian countries, as well as about the specifics of the work of professional specialists in the field of GR&Lobbying in these countries. The expert also elaborated on the principles of working with public authorities in the EAEU member states and spoke about GR technologies in cooperation with the EEC. In addition, Eduard Voytenko shared his experience in building communications between business and government agencies during the crisis period, managing relations with public, expert and scientific institutions and working with business and industry associations, state corporations and development institutions.

During the classes, special attention was paid to lobbying methods and technologies, as well as analysis of real cases from the Edward’s East Strategies practice with key GR and lobbying tools: analytical (GR strategy, stakeholder map, competitive environment analysis, monitoring and assessment of regulatory risks, legal expertise of draft laws and other NPAs, etc.), GR, PR, ESG and event management. The examples concerned different levels of complexity: from the creation of sectoral strategies in government agencies and the promotion of initiatives in executive and legislative authorities to the development of technical regulations in the EEC and overcoming sectoral and regulatory barriers in foreign markets.