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About the company

Edward’s East Strategies — international consulting firm with a geography of activities in the countries of Central Asia, the Caucasus and the Persian Gulf. The company tackles clients’ problems in the domain of the corporate ESG-transformation, promotes the interests on behalf of the large-size business entities within the system of public authorities, as well as provides the comprehensive set of services in the realm of strategic communications.

The firm’s expertise is predicated upon the ‘in-depth’ understanding of the public administration mechanism in the countries of its presence, political and economic processes, regulatory policy, as well as the successful implementation of all the accumulated relevant international practices, including the use of GR, PR and legal instruments in a combination, which is required by the specific project. We work here and now, but we are able to see beyond the several electoral cycles, which makes it possible to create the winning strategies with the long-lasting effect in the interests of our clients.

Our company’s work is based on the structural and the systemic approach, and our clients’ service — on principles of compliance and ethics. We hold in high esteem the professional relations with public authorities and clients, but at the same time, we keep the distance, which is of paramount importance for the analytical objectivity and the implementation of the optimal solutions in terms of the protection of clients’ interests.

Edward’s East Strategies clients include national organizations and international companies from various sectors of the economy.

The company’s offices are located in Astana (responsible for Kazakhstan and the EAEU countries), Tashkent (responsible for Uzbekistan and the UAE), Telavi (responsible for Georgia and Azerbaijan) and Moscow (responsible for the EEC).