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As is known, the antimonopoly regulation positions itself as one of the most difficult systems in the legal domain. It is explained by the very fact that this kind of regulation comprises a comprehensive set of economic, administrative and legislative measures, aimed at preventing and restricting the monopoly activity as well as at facilitating the fair competition behavior. The legislative framework is designed for the purpose of regulating the relationship between all-sector entrepreneurship actors, so resultantly there is a real threat that each participant of the competition dimension may become subject to the thorough oversight and supervision of the regulator. The negative supervision result may manifest itself in multibillion penalties, and sometimes in criminal charges. The antimonopoly practice of Edward’s East Strategies is a team of professionals with over 13 years of experience as regards the antimonopoly legislation implementation within the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Eurasian Economic Union. We combine the «in-depth» knowledge realms, understand the business mechanisms, industrial specific features, on top of that, the experience of interacting with public authorities is at our disposal as well. We are always ready to provide our clients with all the comprehensive legal solutions, which are of paramount difficulty.

  • Annex 19 to the Treaty on the Eurasian Economic Union – «Protocol on General Principles and Rules of Competition»
  • Procedure for considering applications (materials), regarding the violations of general rules on competition within cross-border markets
  • Procedure for carrying out the investigative activities with regard to the violations of general rules on competition within cross-border markets
  • Procedure for considering cases, concerning the violations of general rules on competition within cross-border markets
  • Set of methods as regards the evaluation of the competition state of affairs within cross-border markets
  • Entrepreneur Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the section – «Economic competition»
  • Set of methods, aimed at identifying the monopoly-centered high (low) price
  • Monopoly activity (the misuse of the dominant or monopoly position; anticompetitive vertical, horizontal (cartel) and other agreements; anticompetitive coordinated actions of market players)
  • Unfair competition
  • Dominant or monopoly position: notions, criteria and all the ways for determining it
  • Monopoly high or monopoly low product price
  • Monopsony position and monopsony-related low price
  • Analysis of the competition state of affairs within goods and cross-border markets
  • Public monopoly and special law
  • Anticompetitive activities (inaction), agreements of federal, local executive authorities, organizations, which are publicly entitled to regulate all the activities of market actors
  • Antimonopoly compliance (internal, external)
  • Economic concentration