IT | Edward's East Strategies


Areas of focus


We have the successful experience of collaboration with the large-size IT-companies from different countries. Among such entities are both the software engineering companies and the firms of the fintech industry and IT-platforms (EdTech, taxi aggregators, marketplaces, internet-search, cloud computing, etc.). Depending on a company and its needs, we are able to do analytics and arrange the training programs, execute the crisis communication policy, elaborate and implement the GR, CSR and lobbying projects at the national and supranational (the EEC) level.

  • Regulatory monitoring activities
  • Assessment of regulatory risks
  • Preparation of the sectorial expertise overview
  • Preparation of the company’s position
  • Expertise and position notification to the relevant public officials
  • Training programs in the realm of GR and lobbying
  • Elaboration of the GR-strategy
  • GR, CSR-support of the company, while entering the international market
  • Ministry of Healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan (arrangement of transferring doctors during the Covid-19 pandemic)
  • Technical regulation (the EEC)
  • Regulatory Impact Assessment (the EEC)
  • Increase in the threshold of the duty-free import with regard to the goods for the personal use
  • Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation
  • Government of the Russian Federation
  • Ministry of Digital Development, Innovations and Aerospace Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Crisis communications