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Areas of focus


As is well known, the tobacco industry is one of the most regulated sectors in the world, with the heightened attention to it on behalf of international organizations in the realm of healthcare, public entities and the public. We have long been the providers of services for the company with the international brand. Our professional practice encompasses the work with the relevant technical regulations of the EEC and the national legislation of countries of the Eurasian Economic Union in terms of the tobacco products or nicotine-containing products’ composition and their circulation within the Eurasian Economic Union. We are convinced that the market will be inundated with the counterfeit goods if the public authorities are not helped with the high-quality regulation of the above-mentioned products.

  • Tobacco and nicotine-containing products
  • Excise taxes
  • National legislation of countries within the Eurasian Economic Union
  • Technical guidelines and regulation (the EEC)
  • Harmonization of the EEU’s law within the national spaces of the Eurasian Economic Union
  • Legal expertise
  • Sectorial expertise
  • Preparation of texts of draft laws and other legal acts
  • Participation in the elaboration of technical regulations
  • Participation in the working groups and consultative bodies under the public authorities
  • Interaction with expert and doctor communities
  • The Research Centre for Legal Expertise
  • The World Health Organization
  • Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Armenia
  • Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation
  • Government of the Russian Federation
  • Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation
  • Public opinion
  • Crisis communications