GR&Lobbying workshop at MGIMO | Edward's East Strategies


GR&Lobbying workshop at MGIMO

On April 10, 2023, Edward’s East Strategies Director, Candidate of Political Sciences, Eduard Voytenko addressed the audience of the advanced training program “GR and lobbying in Business and NGOs”, implemented by the consulting firm Baikal Communications Group in cooperation with the MGIMO Business School.

At the beginning of the event, Eduard Voytenko pointed out current serious international agenda influence on lobbying activities in almost any country of the world. Further, he analyzed the principles of working with public authorities in the EAEU member states and spoke about GR-technologies in cooperation with the EEC. Separately, much attention was paid to analytical tools (regulatory monitoring, regulatory risk assessment, legal expertise, etc.). In addition, Eduard Voytenko explained the variability of practical mechanisms when working with business and industry organizations, public institutions, state corporations and development institutions as GR platforms for the implementation of GR and lobbying projects. In conclusion, he spoke about the role of expert and analytical organizations in GR and lobbying activities.

Eduard Voytenko additionally conducted three workshops on drawing up stakeholder maps, planning GR campaigns and creating algorithms for implementing GR and lobbying projects.

The next GR course will be held on October 23-28, 2023. Registration is open.