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Our team implements the comprehensive services in the domain of sustainable development and helps to establish business models, while taking into consideration the public interests, needs of employees and expectations of investors. We follow the climate agenda’s regulation at the national and international level, research the best inclusion practices and know how to collaborate with non-profit organizations. Our strength is the readiness to be immersed in the company’s changes at any stage: from the strategy’s project execution in the sphere of sustainable development to the elaboration of customized projects in the field of corporate social responsibility and determination of metrics on the assessment of their effectiveness.

  • Elaboration of the company’s strategy in the field of sustainable development
  • Audit of the existing programs of the company in the domain of the environmental, social and corporate management
  • Management of the non-financial risks and risks in the domain of sustainable development
  • Evaluation of the business effect from the social and environmental investments
  • Preparation of the non-financial reports (GRI, SASB, UNGC) and their special versions for the participation in the ESG-ratings
  • Support of the company’s participation in the international ESG-ratings
  • Implementation of the company’s interaction with all the interested parties
  • Research in the domain of sustainable development
  • Implementation of the “circular economy” principles within the business processes of the company
  • Implementation of the carbon footprint compensation programs of the company
  • Creation of the “green office”
  • Elaboration and implementation of the projects, aimed at implementing the comprehensive sustainable development of territories, incl. the possible climate and environmental risks and challenges
  • Elaboration of educational programs and implementation of training programs in the following domains: ESG, sustainable development, climate change, “circular economy” and its practical implementation
  • Communicational ESG-support
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