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Our team conducts customer experience research, marketing and sociological research. The focus of our partners is to identify the relationship between business indicators and customers’ consumer behavior. We do comprehensive study of consumer preferences, model the market, determine the particular product location and develop scenarios to increase economic efficiency. We pay special attention to embedding the research process into existing business scenarios. We assemble the entire in-house process: we set up data collection and analytics using a wide range of research tools. In addition, we conduct research as part of the comprehensive ESG strategy development.

  • Tracking consumer attitudes, loyalty, brand health
  • Building customer paths (CJM)
  • Measuring customer loyalty (NPS, CSI, CES)
  • Modeling the market (Wallet Allocation Rule, Conjoint)
  • Developing research methodology – questionnaire templates, sample preparation principles, optimal metrics selection
  • Selecting research software for the team needs. Development of own research solutions
  • Audit of current research processes and a roadmap for their improvement (technical task templates preparation for customers, business requirements for research and contractors)
  • Trainings on research design and analysis
  • Public opinion research on key ESG components
    • Request for the eco-friendly solutions search from consumers
    • Consumers’ attitudes to “eco-friendly behavior” (waste disposal, natural resources saving)
    • Companies’ assessment on ESG factors by employees
    • Monitoring of the most urgent social problems
  • Monitoring is carried out at the national level, in specific industries and at the level of particular companies
  • As a result: dashboards, an analytical report on ESG strategy each aspect
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